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Truth vs Theology

Have you ever considered the difference between truth and theology?

They are not the same.

Though theology may contain elements of truth therein, therein is also found conjecture. This conjecture may or may not be true; what we think may be true.

Truth and theology are to God what theory and fact are to science.

A fact in science is something that is completely provable no matter who tests it, and no matter what angle it is viewed. A fact is just that; it’s a fact!

A theory on the other hand is something ‘believed’ to be true, but until it becomes conclusively proved as true, it is not to be considered a fact, for it may actually be proved not true.

The same thought rings true in regard to the understanding of the scriptures and God. Truth is true no matter who tests it (honestly), and from whatever viewpoint you might consider it. Theology, like theory, may or may not be true, until it is proved conclusively true.

The problem with ‘living’ according to your theology is that, as we have already concluded, there is almost certainly error in some of your conclusions. Mixing error into truth always clouds and obscures what truth you may actually know. It is important to understand that pure truth contains in it great power to affect.

Since it is only truth that sets us free, mixing truth and conjecture seriously lessens the effect of truth. So separating in your heart and mind truth from conjecture is critical to spiritual growth and all potential future understanding!

Focusing on what you conclusively know as true is the foundational building block of all future truth; for truth has to have its origins and foundation in truth. — And that Truth is Jesus! — The love of God as seen in the face of Him who loved you and gave himself for you.

Start there; pure truth!


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