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Total Live Coaching is led by Maurice G. Cabirac. Learn more about Maurice, his journey with Christ, and his personal approach to life coaching below. 

Maurice's Story

Maurice “Mo” G. Cabirac has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Southeaster Louisiana University and a Life Coach Certificate from IAP Career College. Maurice worked for 45 years in Mechanical Contracting and has an extensive background in the business world. Additionally, Maurice has 35 years in personal Christian ministry.


Maurice came into a relationship with the Lord later in life. This has proven to be of great
benefit to him. Having spent the first half of his 70 years knowing of Christ in an intellectual
fashion, he finally came to know Him in a very personal and real way; and has enjoyed a deep
abiding relationship with the Lord ever since.

This path to Christ enables Maurice to clearly differentiate and see what life is; both before and
subsequent to salvation. It became quite clear to Maurice the powerful effect the truth of the
gospel has in the human heart and the positive disposition it can produce in us.

In his life coaching, Maurice applies his very unique, spiritual perspective to help instill this
grace in the hearts of his clients, enabling them to achieve personal fulfillment in every aspect
of their lives. His approach has proven extremely beneficial for others with whom Maurice has
worked, and he believes it will also encourage, enlighten, and strengthen future clients.
Maurice is also the author of two books: Freedom, a commentary on the Book of Galatians, and
The Lie, an explanation of where man went wrong. He resides and works in Slidell, Louisiana,
just outside the city of New Orleans, with his wife Marie.

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