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The Dream

I Had a Dream

There was this young couple, a doctor and his wife. They were beautiful, full of life and dreams. But their greatest dream was to have a child to share their life with. But a child had somehow eluded them for many years. Then one day the young woman found herself with child. The doctor and his wife where overwhelmed with joy. Sometime later the child was born. But it was not one, but two children; a boy and a girl! They were beautiful children the apple of their eye and everyone around them found themselves blessed by the innocence and beauty of these children.

Then one day a scourge came into the land. A virus so terrible that everyone who succumbed to it died a long terrible death. Though the young doctor and his wife did not contract this virus, their children did. They became sick.

Now this virus caused long term illness, and no one recovers from it. In fact it, it seemed that only death could free you from the disease. The young doctor devoted all his time in seeking a cure for their disease.

As time went by, the children became worse and worse. All who saw them were put off by their condition. The children even asked themselves this, ‘Why were we even born?’ As the outward manifestation of the disease was terrible and the psychological affects even worse.

Then one day the doctor came up with an idea. What if I take the diseased blood out of the children and replace it with healthy blood!? So he tried this on some of his other patients; it certainly was worth the try. -- Unfortunately, it simply did not work.

Then, as the doctor considered the nature of this disease and how it always ended in death. He could not shake the idea that the only way to rid yourself of this disease was to die of it. So he came up with another idea. What if I take my healthy blood and co-mingle it with theirs in a transfusion process? My blood would then destroy the virus that is in my children. But there was a catch, a real problem. Though this might save my beautiful children, it would surely mean death to me. For my blood had never seen the death that was in them, and in so doing there would surely be no cure for me. He knew this could only happen once for any one patient.

Yet when all seemed lost, this is exactly what He did. The children were saved; but he immediately died. Such a bitter sweet moment. The children saved, but the one who gave his life for them dead. The young doctors wife was grieved to the uttermost, yet blessed at this act of love by her husband. As she saw this all unfold, she wept greatly. Her heart was filled with love and gratefulness for her children who had been saved from this horrible death, and equally for the heart of the one who had given his life for them. -- Then a strange thing happened. In the midst of her joy and grief she leaned over to her husband and kissed him on the lips; and he rose from the dead!

That was the dream. And it was nice. -- Consider what it might mean.

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