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The Founding Fathers

The question was asked of me recently, "What are your thoughts in regard to the Founding Fathers of the United States." --

When I think of the founding fathers I think of men seeking something better; with the idea that happiness, and goodness and fruitfulness is rooted in personal freedom. 

Their thoughts were completely valid.  For the hope of every human heart is to be fully free!

But their means had an element of flaw in it. Not to hold this against them.  For every human government is flawed, being based on law; something that ‘is meant’ to constrain and control human behavior. These constraints tends to inhibit freedom not to foster it. Yet in the world in which we live, the ‘idea of freedom’, and the establishing of laws in an effort to protect it and make it happen is the best you will find.  — I would rather have a government founded on the ‘idea of freedom’ than any other; for mankind was designed for Freedom.  And only in freedom can we find fulfillment!

But true freedom can only come to the human heart through the individual. It can never and will never be found through human government, no matter how nobel the pursuit, or how powerful the effort.  And the Lord Jesus Christ is the only entity in the universe capable of providing true freedom!

Why Christ one might ask? 

Only when the human heart is freed from death, the fear of death, and the unknown nature of life after death, can a certain invincibility be found in life. This invincibility speaks a word to our hearts that says, "No harm can befall me, for I have finally attained to the full measure of complete security in life; for no one can take this indestructable life from me!" To protect the nation and to provide a secure life for the constituents of that nation is the goal of any good form of human government; but none are capable of providing us with the eternal life Jesus has!

Believing on Jesus secures this eternal life for us, as well as establishing within us the same Spirit of love that secured it for us. The goal of any good government is to secure the peace. But only when the enmity that exists between people is eradicated can true peace exist! What government do you know of can cause a human being to love, even their enemies? Jesus removes our hearts of stone, and provides us a heart of love.

But now, in regard to the Founding Fathers, I would rather walk through this life in the freedom of appreciation and acceptance of this group of men who were seeking only freedom for us, flawed as they might have been, than distaining them. For as flawed as I personally might have been; I am now accepted by God Himself! And I would rather live in the of good ole' U.S. of A. than any other country on earth at the present time!

For it is for freedom that Christ has set us free!


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