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The Food of Life

I was thinking about Daniel and his three friends, in the book of Daniel. It is said that they purposed in their hearts not to defile themselves with the kings' food. Now one might say, “Well they were Jewish. Of course there were certain things the king ate that would be contrary to the law for them to eat.”Well on the surface this might seem to be what was going on. But according to the Spirit there is always far more to the story than meets the eye.

These young men knew God. Something inside of them caused them to reason with the kings servants to allow them to eat something other then what ‘the king ate’. Somehow, even unwittingly, God had revealed to these young men, that the ‘food that provided the king life’, would be death to them. The kings food for life was the strength of his flesh to exalt himself; his food for life was but represented by the delicacies and richness of his food and wines.

So the kings servants allowed them to eat only vegetables and water for a period, to test them. At he end of that period they were found to be, almost miraculously, far more nourished than those eating, ‘as the kings ate’. So they were then allowed to so eat.

These men drew their strength from God, the bread of life. That bread was even life to their bones! The king found his sustenance in the works of his own hands; bringing death to so many around him. — Until he came to his senses. What a beautiful story of how grace triumphs over might. And how God, through the lives of these young men, won the heart of a tyrannical king.

The Book of Daniel. One of the best reads in all the Bible. You may want to consider it.

Remember, there is more to what we eat, than what we eat! Think about it!

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